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iPrint is a key global partner in inkjet research and training in the areas of "printing" and "coating". Inkjet is an advanced manufacturing process which, in the context of Industry 4.0, will play a very important role in the future.

The applied research carried out by iPrint is multidisciplinary as it requires cutting-edge skills from various domains, notably those of mechanical engineering, electronics and material science.

iPrint develops research activities in all application fields, where inkjet processes are involved to make production digital and works in close cooperation with different university departments.

With its permanently installed “Inkjet Training Center”, iPrint offers hands-on practical training in inkjet engineering and chemistry on an international level.

Foundation course

iPrint research focus areas are:

iPrint’s research activities are distributed in four research areas for graphics, electronics, biomedical- and advanced manufacturing technologies.

Graphical Printing – Research on printing with graphical quality on complex objects with curvature as well as challenging materials, with the goal of developing new manufacturing possibilities.

Printing for Electronics – Research focusing on printing of electronic functionality. Typical activities include printing of a broad range of conductive or dielectric traces or layers, isolators, protective coatings, optoelectric elements or sensors, again on a multitude of materials and shapes

 Biomedical Printing - Research for printing in biomedical application domains. Typical activities include printing of biomedical substances such as cells, drugs, proteins, enzymes, development and printing of biomedical sensors or 3D printing (or digital coating) of implants.

 Advanced Manufacturing – Research on digital printing for manufacturing processes. Typical activities include for example 3D printing (additive manufacturing) or hybrid printing (Inkjet in combination with other processes like CNC extrusion or valvejet). Advanced Manufacturing research focuses also on additive, subtractive and hybrid manufacturing areas including evaluation, selection, testing, and implementation of new solutions with different levels of industrialization.


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