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Optimization of plastic part design and injection process

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Bruno Bürgisser
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janvier 2015 - janvier 2017

Ten industrial partners of the Swiss Plastics Cluster have launched the "ASSCO" project with the aim of developing the necessary know-how for overmolding sensitive components such as magnets or PCBs.

In industry, function integration, miniaturisation and modularity are aspects of part design that become ever more important. It is part of a managing strategy to keep production costs low and remain competitive in a global market.

In the mechatronic sector, the injection moulding process offers an efficient, flexible and economical approach enabling function integration. In fact, the number of production and assembly operations can be significantly reduced.  The ASSCO project aims to accomplish exactly that through a plastic overmolding process.

The overmolding process as well guaranties a good protection against aggressive environments (humidity, water, solvents, grease, dust, bacteria) and the provides parts that are mechanically stronger as compared to traditional assembled parts.

The injection moulding process is a high temperature and pressure process that can cause damage to sensible components when overmolded. Therefore, assembly of parts remains the method of choice. However, such an approach is very time consuming and costly – considering the need for screwing, gluing, and welding, for example. The ASSCO project’s goal was to establish an overmolding operational guideline to prevent any damage to sensible components. Consequently, a simplified and more economical process is realised often bringing additional benefits to the final part.

The ASSCO project started with the compilation of the industrial partner’s needs. Four case studies concerning sensible components are selected: magnets, PCBs, and industry two specific inserts.

The ASSCO project, has developed the knowledge that helps the industrial partners to manufacture new more competitive and higher performing products.

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