Department: Computer science and communication systems
Specialization: Networks and Systems
Module: Project 3

Course description

Back Projet de semestre 6

  • Objectives

    The semester project 6 allows the various specific skills acquired in the individual modules to be assimilated by and supervised projects. It also aims at the following competencies:

    • Plan, manage, conduct and develop an ICT project, taking into account professional standards
    • Analyze a given problem and formalize an adequate ICT solution
    • Design, develop and test applications using appropriate algorithms and data structures
    • Define and conduct a testing and validation strategy for an ICT system

    At the end of the semester project 6, the student will know:

    • Transpose into practice and synthesize the theoretical concepts learned in different modules
    • Work autonomously
    • Defend the scientific and technical options of a project
    • Plan a medium sized project.
    • Develop and discuss a specification with a client
    • Communicate effectively with the project manager on the progress of the work.
  • Content

    Integration of skills acquired in the courses through practical experience.

    • Projects related to ICT professions. These projects are usually proposed by an external partner (industry, service company, university institute).

Type of teaching and workload

Course specification

Year of validity
3rd year
Computer science and communication systems
Language of instruction
Course type
Study program

Evaluation methods

  • Continuous assessment Grade defined on development and implementation, documentation and presentation.

Course grade calculation method

Based on the adhoc evaluation form including analysis, development and communication in written and oral form.

Intructor(s) and/or coordinator(s)

Omar Abou Khaled, Serge Ayer, Frédéric Bapst, Pascal Bruegger, François Buntschu, Houda Chabbi, Andreas Fischer, Patrick Gaillet, Luca Haab, Jean Hennebert, Sandy Ingram, Philippe Joye, Michael Mäder, Elena Mugellini, Jacques Robadey, Sébastien Rumley, Rudolf Scheurer, Nicolas Schroeter, Jean-Roland Schuler, Jacques Supcik, Beat Wolf