Our colleague Dr. Ludovic Gremaud and his team discover pentacyclic product derivative from the natural product perophoramidine, as a formidable anticancer agent

Natural products have directly influenced many drug-discovery endeavors.

Prof. Dr. Ludovic Gremaud, Prof. Dr. Subhabrata Sen and their teams have reported the discovery of a pentacyclic product (mean that is a compound with 5 rings, Fragment B), derivative from the natural product Perophoramidine, as a formidable anticancer agent. The Fragment B derivatives were synthesized in six steps where the key steps involved a green and sustainable photochemical methodology. Biological tests of the Fragment B derivatives against breast and lung cancer as well as colon tumor demonstrated very high activity and revealed extensive DNA damage to cancereous cells.

All these results are the fruit of a strong and intense collaboration between Shiv Nadar University New Dehli, India and the ChemTech institute. We look forward to future collaborations!

To read the full paper, click here.

8 November 2022