ChemTech Institute – Plasticycle wins the Swiss-Middle East Circular Economy for Youth Initiative at EXPO2020

The Swiss Pavilion at EXPO2020 in partnership with Swissnex launched the Swiss - Middle East Circular Economy for Youth Initiative (SMECEYI). The team Plasticycle with Marylise Salim and Peter Obeid (Holy Spirit University of Kaslik, Lebanon) with its mentors Prof. Roger Marti (ChemTech), Gastone Faccin and Valentina Pavlovic (Université de Lausanne) participated at the final presentation at the Swiss Pavilion at EXPO 2020. At this final event in November 2021, the team Plasticycle convinced the jury and won the SMECEYI final prize!

Within 6 months the project Plasticycle evolved and developed into a strong project on three sustainability pillars:

  • On the environmental level, this project will provide an important sustainable solution for the plastic bags waste generated in Lebanon.
  • On the social level, this project will empower the youth by providing them low cost raw material with a good quality which encourages startups and young investors in the plastic industry. Plasticycle also provides new job opportunities including workers, technicians, supervisors, and manager.
  • On the economic level, this project constitutes a boost for the plastic industry in Lebanon because it provides the Lebanese market with a much needed product at a low cost without being related to the foreign currency.

Winning this award is an important step in creating this start-up and helping to establish a circular plastic economy in Lebanon.

More info here.

2 February 2022

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