ChemTech and the HEIA-FR hosted the annual STK conference on the subject of "thermal analysis and safety".

Our institute is very pleased to have hosted the annual meeting of the Swiss Society for Thermal Analysis and Calorimetry (STK), which took place on October 26 at the School of Engineering and Architecture of Fribourg. This is all the more true since its president is none other than our colleague, Professor Pierre Brodard.

The STK was founded in 1975 with the aim of bringing together scientists and specialists from universities and industry who are active in the field of thermal analysis and calorimetry. Over forty people attended the meeting on October 26, at which some very interesting contributions in these application areas were presented. Several specialist manufacturers such as Mettler Toledo, TA Instruments and KEP Technologies also exhibited their instruments.

It is always a pleasure to host such events, which allow us to meet our industrial partners and learn about the latest technological developments.

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22 November 2021