Two professors of Chemtech, O. Mamula Steiner and C. Allemann, have made a interesting discover about the Pinene–Bipyridine Ligands

Professors Olimpia Mamula Steiner, Christophe Allemann and Katharina M. Fromm with Dr. Atena B. Solea have published in the journal Chemistry on the complexation behavior of two novel, chiral pinene–bipyridine-type ligands ((–)-HL1 and (–)-HL2) containing a carboxylic arm towards lanthanide Ln(III) (Ln = La, Eu, Lu) ions.

The association constants of the mononuclear complexes determined from the UV-Vis titrations indicated that the ligand (–)-HL1 possessing a shorter carboxylic arm formed more stable complexes compared with (–)-HL2, whose carboxylic arm had one more methylene unit.

The full paper is available here:

25 January 2022