The ChemTech Institute presented its latest results on ionic liquids as phase change materials at the FTAL Meeting in October 2021

The team of Roger Marti, Jacques Robadey, Caitlin Blum, Lara Amini, Blaise Huwiler & Denis Marti talked on the development of a lab demonstrator to test ionic liquids as phase change materials for energy storage applications during the FTAL meeting (Fachkonferenz Technik, Architektur und Life Sciences).

Phase change materials (PCMs) are an innovative energy storage concept for buildings. Ionic liquids are a new class of such energy storage materials and the team from the institute of ChemTech and ENERGY presented a lab-scale prototype for their testing and characterization. The design and construction of this lab-scale heat-exchanger and initial results for newly developed ionic liquids in the prototype showing their promising PCM properties. These new innovative ionic liquids are more efficient at absorbing energy than the common commercial PCM. This is some promising insight for the use of ionic liquids in the application of energy storage. This project offers new opportunity for industry to construct and build more energy-efficient buildings, resulting in CO2 savings.

6 December 2021