ChemTech is partnering with SusChem - a platform for sustainable chemistry - a subgroup of the Swiss Chemical Society.

During ILMAC Lausanne mid-October, a workshop organized by the Swiss Chemical Society in collaboration with the SusChemCH took place. The goal of this event, at which Prof. Christophe Allemann (extended board member) from ChemTech participated, was to bring together experts from industry (Pharma, Agro, Fine chemicals, flavours & fragrances) and academia to define the agenda for SusChem CH 2021-2023. SusChem Switzerland is the Swiss entity of the SusChem European Technology Platform for Sustainable Chemistry.

The goals of SusChemCH is to promote green and sustainable chemistry in education, research, development and production. ChemTech with his strong industrial know-how and activities in sustainable chemistry is a key academic partner. 

More information about SusChem

19 novembre 2020

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