We are very pleased to introduce our new Associate Professor Hans-Ulrich Siegenthaler. He was appointed professor at the HES-SO (Haute Ecole Spécialisée de Suisse Occidentale) for the spring semester of 2022. He strengthens the teaching staff of the Mechanical Engineering degree program in the field of materials and process engineering, where he teaches the subjects of plastics engineering and process optimization.

In addition to his teaching activities, Prof. Siegenthaler works at iRAP (Institute for Applied Research in Plasturgy) where, in addition to the already established focus areas of injection moulding, Surface technologies and fiber composite technology/lightweight construction, he is expanding the field of compounding, extrusion and material and process development.

Mr. Siegenthaler is a member of the institute’s management and is responsible for application-oriented research and development as well as technology transfer to industry. He looks forward to working together with the HEIA-FR and with partners from industry in the regional and supra-regional sectors.
We wish him a good start and look forward to a successful collaboration.

Personal details:

Hans-Ulrich Siegenthaler studied mechanical engineering with a focus on plastics technology at the HTL Brugg-Windisch (now FHNW). For 25 years, he worked at Buss (CH) as a process engineer, head of process development, head of process engineering, innovation manager and member of the executive board. He was responsible for 5 co-kneader machine generations and a wide field of new applications and patents. In 2015, he founded the engineering company Kneading Experts. It provides advanced engineering services to the plastics, aluminium, food and pharmaceutical industries with customized value offerings. He publishes, presents and teaches globally on the latest findings in plastics applications.

1 February 2022