Plastic and Ceramic Injection Molding (CIM)


B.A.M.P. - Inov3 - Sdataway

Bruno Bürgisser
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March 2021 - September 2021

iRAP is proud to have participated in this music box project in collaboration with Juan Buti, Inov3 and Sdataway. The pedagogical music box "BàM" aims to accompany small children to sleep with the help of lullabies. The melodies have been chosen with a view to offering a maximum of possibilities for future learning of musical language. It is a toy made of bio-sourced materials that combines the first musical impressions and the first tactile grasping gestures in very young children.

The team of the iRAP institute within the HEIA-FR participated in this project by supporting the co-founders in the validation of the injectability of the proposed concept but also in the choice of the material, the manufacturing of the moulds and the realization of the prototypes. The first 1'000 parts were also produced in the iRAP laboratory.