Surface technologies and nanotechnologies

Innosuisse, Innovation Fund Denmark, EUREKA

January 2017 - December 2020


The EUREKA Super-Moulds project is jointly financed by the Innovation Fund Denmark and Innosuisse. The project has started in January 2017 with a total duration of four years. This collaboration of seven Danish and three Swiss partners focuses on the optimization of the plastic injection process by optimizing the mould surface treatments. Demoulding of complex plastic parts is complicated by sticking and high friction between the polymer and the mould surface resulting in long cooling times to avoid deformation, process interruptions due to cleaning and reduced mould service life. The aim of this project is to tailor mould surface coatings and textures to achieve optimum anti-stick properties for a set of commercial plastic types.

This consortium is based on a complete value chain approach within plastic processing; beginning with the supplier of polymer material (Dupont de Nemours-CH), the stakeholders in surface texturing technology (Agie Charmilles SA-CH and Agie Charmilles New Technologies-CH) and coating (Tribology Centre, Danish Technological Institute-DK) to the supplier of moulding tools (Winther Mould Technology-DK). The Danish National Metrology institute (DFM) contributes with their expertise in surface roughness analysis and the academic partner (iRAP-CH) centralizes the injection tests. The end users (Novo Nordisk, Michael Lundbech, SP Moulding and Giboplast) contribute to the definition of the appropriate plastic part geometries to study and validate the final results under production conditions. The Danish Plastics Federation and the Swiss Plastics Cluster will foster the market penetration by publishing the results.  The Institute for Applied Plastics Research (iRAP) plays a key role in this project since this partner centralizes the injection tests.

Project partners: 

  • Danish Technological Institute
  • Winther Mould Technology
  • Danish Fundamental Metrology
  • GIBO PLAST, SP Moulding and Novo Nordisk
  • Danish Plastics Federation
  • Haute école d’ingénierie et d’architecture Fribourg (CH)
  • DuPont (CH)

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