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The transfer of knowledge and technology is a crucial part of the mission of a University of Applied Sciences. The Tech Transfer Office works hand in hand with researchers to help transform their ideas and results into opportunities. The office advises researchers looking to initiate new collaborations while preserving their interests and assists the HEIA-FR’s institutes in building up a network of potential partners.

There are many reasons why the HEIA-FR can benefit from collaborations with the industry. Joint research projects set objectives in terms of market needs and thus help to focus lines of research. Collaborations also make it possible to showcase the HEIA-FR’s research know-how and projects; this, in turn, bolsters the reputation of both the institutes and their parent institution. More importantly, however, the transfer of knowledge and technology contributes significantly to regional economic development, which in turn creates employment opportunities for the HEIA-FR’s present and future graduates. Finally, by working with the industry in joint projects, the HEIA-FR’s researchers gain valuable professional experience that enhances their career opportunities or can help to launch their own enterprise.

The Tech Transfer Office advises HEIA-FR researchers on the most appropriate protection strategy for their research results:

  • It negotiates confidentiality agreements on behalf of the HEIA-FR as a prior condition to entering in discussions with potential partners;
  • It represents the HEIA-FR in all contract negotiations related to research and innovation, and in particular helps to define IP protection strategies that take the interests of every party into consideration;
  • It is the HEIA-FR’s first point of contact for questions about intellectual property and commercialization, including patent filings, drawing up of contracts, establishment of collaboration agreements, licensing contracts, support for start-ups, etc.;
  • It advises researchers on intellectual property issues affecting funded projects, including IP protection, commercialization strategies, and technology licensing;
  • It provides personalized support to the creation of tech start-ups generated by research projects at the HEIA-FR.