Constructional Steel Day

23 April 2024
13:00 – 18:00
HEIA-FR, Pérolles 80, 1700 Fribourg

Image : Prix Acier 2023 © Brauen Wälchli 


The program of the Constructional Steel Day is available in PDF format. 



Motivations and Objectives

Steel Constructions, whether used in the creation of architectural masterpieces, towering skyscrapers, or in the design of industrial structures, embody the perfect fusion of the intrinsic strength of steel and architectural creativity. With decades of extraordinary achievements, steel construction continues to evolve, providing ingenious solutions for contemporary challenges.

This conference aims to share and celebrate the most recent successes in the field of steel construction. Iconic projects will be presented to inspire and inform. Whether in the creation of innovative structures, the rehabilitation of existing infrastructure, or the exploration of synergies with other construction materials, the conference offers a platform to share concrete experiences and specialized expertise.

With a focus on design and execution aspects, this conference provides a comprehensive immersion into the world of steel construction. The ultimate goal is to stimulate fruitful conversations, catalyze new ideas, and foster collaboration for a future where steel construction remains at the forefront of innovation, respecting the principles of sustainable development.

Join us for a day dedicated to the excellence of steel construction, where we will explore challenges and opportunities, sharing our common passion for the art of building with steel.


Target audience

Civil engineers, architects, contractors, students and public administration employees

Contact information 

Pierre Colomer
Civil engineer
Coordinator of the French-speaking branch of the Swiss Center for Steel Construction

Joanna Nseir
Associate HES professor
Institute of Technologies and the Built Environment (iTEC), School of Engineering and Architecture of Fribourg

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Registration fee

Non-members: CHF 190.-

SZS members : CHF 150.-

Students : CHF 50.-