BCC Training 4



2700 CHF
Excluding taxes, includes lunch, coffee and snacks


Biofactory Competence Center in Fribourg, Switzerland


This 3-day training course will provide an introduction to downstream processing with hands-on practical and theory in the field. 

The general aims of this course are to enable a non-expert in the field of downstream processing: 

  • To be able to understand what a bioprocess is 
  • To have the necessary theoretical and practical knowledge to understand what separation techniques to use at which stage of a process and for what purpose 
  • To understand and perform Tangential Flow Filtration (TFF), packing of a 20 cm diameter chromatography column and to run a preparative chromatgraphy purification with the AKTA chromatography from Cytivia 
  • To provide the basis for more advanced practical development to become an expert in the field (if desired) 
  • To enable people in USP to transfer to DSP 

This training program includes theoretical and practical parts on Tangential Flow Filtration (TFF): Ultrafiltration and Diafiltration; as well as theoretical and practical parts on chromatography: Packing and characterization of a 20 cm diameter column, Hands on experience with preparative chromatography. 

This course is aimed for operators, technicians, scientists, specialists in other areas, and managers in the field of biomanufacturing who are interested to learn more about downstream processing, to refresh their knowledge in the field, or to facilitate cross-training. 

  • To understand and to be able to perform Tangential Flow Filtration (TFF) 
  • To be able to pack columns and characterize them 
  • To define which resins to use and how to combine them 
  • To be able to run a preparative chromatography step 

The course is a mixture of interactive presentations and hands-on practical work in a GMP-like environment.  Practical work will be carried out in small groups with a maximum of 3 people per group to ensure hands-on experiences at all time. 

A certification will be handed out to each participant at the end of course. 

Travel and accommodation are not included in the course fee.  

Are you interested in this course, do not hesitate to contact us at info@bcc.ch for further information!

Dates 2024

Next training course on 26-27-28 August. 


3 days, with 1.5 days hands-on practical

Number of participants (max.):