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Patrick Gaillet
Répertoire des compétences

mars 2013 - avril 2017

e-SIS project plans to develop the modern digital breast cancer screening system with the concept of cloud computing technologies.

The system will integrate the digital transport system and be scalable and adaptive to target EU and Middle East markets.

According to European guidelines, women over 50 years old should perform a screening mammography every two years. The mammography is performed in a Radiology Center and read on dedicated Workstations by two different Radiologists. In case, the diagnostics of the two radiologists do not match and additional reading is performed by a third radiologist. The women are then informed of the final diagnostic within a period of two weeks after the exam. The potential market for integrated and digitalised systems is large in Europe and in Middle East countries. Typically, countries like France (which CDI is following up) are expected to study a path to the digital file in the next years.

Founded in 1994 as an ICT development and consulting company, CDI emerged as the technical leader of ICT systems in the area of Breast Cancer Screening. Today, CDI is positioned first on the Swiss market, which is at the forefront of Breast Cancer Screening Programs, following the national guidelines

This system developed by CDI allows a complete digitalisation of the file associated with the women participating in the Swiss Breast Cancer Screening Program.
This file contains:
- identification data,
- participation information (invitations, etc.),
- medical reading result data as well as
- screening mammographies produced in a radiology center.

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