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3. Systèmes embarqués et interactifs

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Vidinoti SA

Serge Ayer
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avril 2017 - septembre 2019

Development of a universal positioning system used for improving the performance of an existing augmented reality platform and for making its usage ubiquitous, especially for indoor application.

The development of such a positioning system will enable a much-improved user experience by allowing the content provided to the user to be much more relevant and contextualized.

Obtaining an accurate and efficient estimate of both a user's position and orientation is still an unsolved problem, particularly for indoor applications. The research endeavour aims at finding a common framework for representing and jointly exploiting the structure of measurements obtained from different sensing technologies by means of aggregating and fusing data obtained from multiple systems. This requires the development of unique and novel algorithms and the development of a unified framework for making the visitor's position and orientation known in all situations and under different constraints.

Actors in the fields of museums, showrooms and tradeshows are developing solutions for making their venues more attractive to visitors by providing exclusive experiences which are not possible online. This will help them to increase the number of visitors, who are today inclined to choose online solutions for accessing content and for selecting and purchasing goods.

The start-up Vidinoti SA is developing a solution that allows its clients to create a highly interactive environment available to visitors of different types of venues.

One important strength of the solution is its ability to deliver relevant and contextual information to the visitor, possibly using augmented reality techniques. The goal of this project is to extend the capabilities of Vidinoti's solution by making this information even more relevant and contextual by using a precise estimate of the user's position and orientation in the venue, with a minimal impact on the required infrastructure