Prof. Nicolas Grandjean and his team present the project POLYNORM

The 8th International Congress on Construction History will be held in Zurich from June 24 to 28, 2024. It follows a series of thriving congresses in Madrid, Spain (2003), Cambridge, UK (2006), Cottbus, Germany (2009), Paris, France (2012), Chicago, USA (2015), Brussels, Belgium (2018) and Lisbon, Portugal (2021).

The ICCH aims at bringing together all aspects of construction history: materials, building techniques, types of construction - but also the people and companies involved, socio-cultural aspects of building and the history of science and knowledge. An important focus will also be on research methodology. 

The team of POLYNORM Project will present its results and outcomes on Thursday 27 of June: "Hall POLYNORM - the reuse of a post-war ultralight system structure made of folded sheet steel".




24 juin 2024