Séréna Vanbutsele, head of the Institut TRANSFORM and Estela Schaffner (Brahimllari), scientific collaborator, present their work from the project VI-Vid at the conference in Winterthur.

The INUAS conference series “Urban Transformations: Housing | Resources | Public Spaces” provides a platform for addressing current issues and perspectives for developing cities and regions. 

Séréna Vanbutsele and Estela Schaffner present the preliminary results of their project Vi-vid "Parks are not enough, Analyzing urban and peri-urban voids as complements to public spaces in Fribourg, Switzerland". 

The third international conference of this INUAS conference series is now dedicated to the topic of public spaces as experimental areas of innovative, sustainable urban development in Winterthur-Zurich in September 2022. In the five sections PARTICIPATION / ECOLOGY / MOBILITY AND ENERGY / DESIGN AND DEVELOPMENT as well as METHODOLOGY, questions related to the ecological, political, planning, social and technological challenges and opportunities in public spaces will be addressed. 

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5 septembre 2022