As part of a Horizon Europe project, Prof. Ludovic Gremaud explains to the RTS television news programme his work which makes it possible to manufacture active ingredients without the use of solvents.

Prof. Ludovic Gremaud is a member of the Impactive consortium, which was created as part of a European research project. The aim of his research is to use mechanochemical equipment to revolutionise the production of medicines. Indeed, the process tested at HEIA-FR makes it possible to use compression and impact forces to make solid compounds react and thus obtain a desired active principle, all without solvents. This is important because up to 80% of the materials used to manufacture an active ingredient are solvents. This process would therefore make it possible to produce pharmaceutical substances that are less expensive and less polluting.

ChemTech Institute is working on the industrial development of the project, i.e. the development of new equipment or new processes. This would make it possible to repatriate part of the pharmaceutical production to Europe at lower cost, thus combating the shortage of medicines that we are currently facing.

9 March 2023