HEFR, Auditoire Gremaud, Bd de Pérolles 80, 1700 Fribourg
16:45 – 21:00
Nowadays creators of Embedded Systems - from large, high-performance machines to IoT devices - have a considerable number of options regarding Operating Systems. As a result, one is often left with the question "What Operating System fits my usage best?"

Suppliers "advertise" their own Operating System flavour - including development framework and programming language - resulting in a long learning phase before one appreciates what option could fit the purpose.

The goal of the event is to give an overview of available, open source, modern yet (sufficiently) mature Operating System solutions for Embedded Systems as well as hands-on Operating Systems deployments coming from the industry.

Agenda and registration : on our Meetup page

Contact : Jacques Supcik (jacques.supcik@hefr.ch) / Luca Haab (luca.haab@hefr.ch)