17:00 – 19:00

Protect your applications, secure your data: Get to the heart of cybersecurity best practice in application development!

Application security is a major concern for businesses and their customers, but what tools are available to help them prevent vulnerabilities and develop in good conscience? How can you identify vulnerabilities before publishing your application? Would you like to improve your skills in developing secure applications? Are you concerned about application security in your company?

This seminar has been specially designed for developers and managers to help them understand the issues surrounding application security and acquire the skills they need to develop applications that are resistant to attack and comply with all the best practices in terms of cybersecurity.

3 presentations will be given by renowned regional experts in the field of cybersecurity and development. The conference will cover a range of key topics, including customer support and integration in the DevSecOps process, common application vulnerabilities, secure development best practice, authentication and authorisation, protection of sensitive data, and encryption key management.

Whether you're an application developer looking to strengthen the security of your products, a cybersecurity expert looking to deepen your technical skills or an IT professional interested in the latest advances in application security, this seminar is for you.

Join the second edition of the Fribourg Cybersecurity Seminar on secure application development and discover the latest strategies and techniques for protecting your digital data and ensuring the security of your applications in a constantly changing environment.



  • 16:45 : Reception of Attendees

  • 17:00 : Welcome

  • 17:05 : Liip – Olivier Wenger, DevOps Engineer, The Beginning of Security in DevSecOps - Customer's Commitment and the Interaction with Them

  • 17:45 : Fairtiq – Manuel Jeckelmann, CISO, DevSecOps in Practice - Low Altitude Alpinism for Engineers

  • 18:25 : cyllective – Manuel Cianci, Managing Partner, How to Secure Your Application and Maximize the Benefits of a Penetration Test in DevSecOps.

  • 18:45 : Aperitive and Networking