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Daia Zwicky
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septembre 2020 - décembre 2021

Initiation to pelletizing lightweight aggregates from biomass and cement (initiation to BIO-based Light Aggregate Pelletizing)

Lightweight concrete (LWC) reaches its lower density and improved thermal performances, compared to normal-weight concrete, thanks to lightweight aggregates made of expanded clay or glass (LWA, e.g. LECA®, MISAPOR®), being unfortunately environment-unfriendly (high production energy, inorganic waste). In an earlier project, their replacement with bio-sourced aggregates (e.g. cherry pits & grape seeds instead of sand & gravel) was proved to be more ecological but at the trade-off of mechanical and economic performances, strongly limiting the feasible replacement rates.

This project wants to experimentally explore the feasibility of pelletizing LWA at room temperature from forestry and other biomass by-products (sawdust, combustion ashes) with cement as a binder, primarily serving as a basis for follow-up research and potential commercialization. 

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