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Laying the foundation for the constructions of tomorrow

iTEC focuses on the present and future of the built environment at all levels, from construction materials and structural elements to complete structures and infrastructure. The institute specializes in the development of methods, technological processes and products in the fields of civil and environmental engineering. iTEC is a member of the Smart Living Lab, an applied research and development center for the built environment of the future.

Research focus areas

iTEC’s researchers are highly-qualified specialists in the following areas: experimental techniques at small and large scales (partially unique in Switzerland and even Europe); modeling of physical phenomena; advanced analysis and simulation using numerical tools; monitoring and evaluation techniques; complex signal processing and data treatment; sophisticated evaluation and optimization methods; strengthening techniques and forensic engineering.

  • Structural behavior of materials and construction elements, new and existing
  • Conceptual design and development, characterization and evaluation, modelling and verification, soil-structure interactions and assessment of construction vulnerability to natural hazards, including seismic engineering
  • Mechanical behavior of soils and rocks
  • Conceptual design, modelling and verification of geotechnical and underground works, including analysis of soil-structure interactions and assessment of natural hazards related to geomaterials
  • Soil characterization, management and protection
  • Watercourse revitalization
  • Water treatment and management
  • Urban and environmental hydraulics
  • Hydraulic structures
  • Assessment of water-related natural hazards
  • Traffic simulations
  • Road safety
  • New technologies in transport and mobility
  • Mobility indicators and behaviors
  • Infrastructure design and maintenance
  • Traffic management concepts


iTEC has state-of-the-art laboratory infrastructure, partially unique in Switzerland and Europe.



Fabienne Favre Boivin
Full Professor UAS


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