Prof. Stefanie Schwab participates at the Consortium Meeting 2023 of RENOWAVE

RENOWAVE is a Flagship project funded by the Swiss innovation agency Innosuisse. Its objective is to reduce the COemissions in the Swiss built environment by addressing building retrofit and switching from fossil fuels to renewable energies. 

Prof. Stefanie Schwab participates as a Keynote speaker at its Consortium Meeting on 22 August 2023. The title of her presentation is Building typology - Strategy and roadmap for sustainable renovation:

Which realistic interventions and methodology can help increase the renovation rate of buildings while guaranteeing quality and durability? The eREN study, conducted by an interdisciplinary team from the HES-SO, has shown that each era has its own architectural and constructional characteristics which must be considered by the energy renovation strategy. The study established representative typologies for 20th-century residential buildings, as well as a working tool for the global energy renovation of the envelope. Renovations must be considered as a sustainable optimization process that includes embodied and operational emissions and the time-frame of interventions. The global eREN approach is completed by an environmental assessment, an evaluation of the technical installations and the obsolescence of the construction elements. Finally, a roadmap illustrating necessary works and investments as well as the impacts of stepwise interventions is presented, showing technically and economically viable renovation measures ensuring the achievement of the overall climate targets.

2 August 2023