Building complex engineering systems for a complex world

A system is classed as complex if it is made up of a large number of interacting subsystems and if its behaviour is difficult to account for by means of simple rules.

The Institute of Artificial Intelligence and Complex Systems (iCoSys) carries out research projects in the rapidly growing field of complex systems, which straddles the intersection between informatics, intelligent data analysis, massively distributed computing, mathematical modeling, and systems of systems engineering.

iCoSys pursues a vision of technological innovation in which complex systems are placed at the service of sustainable economic development and the education system.

With the aim of facilitating the transfer of knowledge and technology from academia to the local and regional economy, iCoSys develops interdisciplinary research approaches to complex systems and promotes cooperation both Swiss-wide and internationally.

Research focus areas

The complex systems field being very broad, the iCoSys Institute focuses on the following areas:

Distributed Computing

Parallel and largescale distributed systems, middleware for programming and monitoring systems, mobile systems

Intelligent Data Analysis

Machine learning, big data analysis, signal processing, algorithms

Sustainable ICT for Smart Living

Data management and processing for sensor networks, Web of Things, energy efficient IT, IT for efficiency approaches.

ICT for Industry 4.0

Smart solutions including anomaly detection, simulation, quality assessment and prediction and predictive maintenance.


Jean Hennebert
Full Professor UAS/Institute Head


+41 26 429 65 96


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