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In the plastic injection moulding industry, in order to ensure a high level of quality and efficient production, it is essential that the part design is adapted to the manufacturing process in question.

This course aims to provide designers with a detailed introduction to how to establish an optimised part design for plastic injection moulding production.

In addition, this course explains how to dimension a plastic part with respect to its mechanical or thermal stresses. Indeed, in plastics processing, the approach to dimensioning is different from that of metallic materials (steel, aluminium).

During this course, the critical points of design and dimensioning on which a particular attention is necessary will be explained and illustrated by many practical examples resulting from the industrial environment.

Target audience

This course is intended for all persons working in the field of design and development of plastic injection moulded parts (part designers, designers, engineers, R&D persons).


Tour de table

  • Introduction to the injection moulding process
  • The 10 basic rules of plastic design
    Relationship between the design of a plastic part and its mould concept
  • Dimensioning of plastic parts
  • Examples of interesting results from rheological simulation
  • Examples of industrial applications


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