TEXUM I Swiss Reinforcement Company

Daia Zwicky
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June 2021 - August 2022

Pull-out tests for FRP laminate anchoring systems

Higher anchoring strengths or shorter anchorage lengths than the normative dimensions defined in SIA 166 (2004, “Externally bonded reinforcement”) can be achieved by means of complementary systems. However, the performance of fiber-reinforced composites in structural reinforcement systems is closely tied to the state and behavior of existing load-bearing structures whose properties cannot always be known or modified. TEXUM has an internal development project to reduce anchorage length and guarantee structural security in case of bond failure in three types of terminal concrete anchoring systems based on pultruded carbon fiber laminates.

The objective of this R&D mandate is to characterize the effects of TEXUM’s Strong-Tex anchoring systems on the behavior of carbon reinforcement. The results will enable TEXUM to develop the technical recommendations needed to introduce its products to new markets, particularly Europe and North America.