From ideas to industrialization

In an age of rapid industrial and technological transformation, digitalization offers the potential to greatly increase productivity, particularly through developments in virtualization, simulation, and the creation of connected objects.


The SeSi institute specializes in high added value mechanical components, as well as in mechanical systems developed using digital tools and designed to be intelligent and durable.  

For this reason, the SeSi institute is a preferred development partner of the machine and transport industries.

Core competencies

Developing innovative and environmentally-friendly drive and powertrain solutions, in particular by harnessing the power of hydrogen as a substitute for fossil fuels.

Improving the design of components and hydraulic systems for mobile machines through simulation and advanced behavior analysis. Developing new electro-hydraulic systems and widening their field of application to include autonomous robots and exoskeletons.

Developing products that are perfectly suited to every phase of use up to being recycled, all the while integrating PLM fabrication process constraints (PLM – Product Lifecycle Management) by means of intensive simulation (CAX).

Instrumenting and testing mechanical systems or prototypes in order to analyze their behavior and propose optimized, industrialization-ready solutions.

Mastering the integration of multiple technologies within a mechanical system, and of electronic and IT systems in particular, with the aim of offering predictive maintenance capabilities or enhancing industrial organization (industry 4.0).


Vincent Bourquin
Full Professor UAS/Co-head of institute


+41 26 429 68 41


Laurent Donato
Full Professor UAS/Co-head of institute


+41 26 429 66 77


SeSi Research Areas

Making the performance and development of mechanical systems more effective, reliable, safe, durable and autonomous through intensive use of digital technology, particularly by using virtual immersion for parts or the entirety of the product’s life cycle, and through the practice of systemic innovation.


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