TRANSFORM participates in this year European Radon Week

The European Radon Association (ERA), a non-profit International Organisation, has been formed to serve the interests of the European radon community.  

The ROOMS conference, including the ERA workshop and General Assembly, takes place in Bergen, Norway, on 27 and 28 September 2022. 

Matias Cesari from TRANSFORM presented this year the institute's work under the title "Radon diagnosis in a radon prone area in Switzerland - a case study in a single-family house": 

The presently evaluated 15-years old building is located in the Mont Blanc massif, which is highly impacted by the presence of radon. High radon concentrations were measured in living spaces such as the children's rooms. Even more was measured in the cellar. A first attempt of remediation by over-pressurizing the basement did not yield good results. 

What are the solutions that can be implemented in order to improve indoor radon levels in the long term? 

We tested long-term indoor radon measurements related to different situations, then issued a diagnostic similar to the one we proposed in Switzerland, followed by work recommendations.

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27 September 2022