Towards sustainable and efficient energy systems

A profound transformation is underway in the energy supply sector and in systems of energy production and distribution. A range of factors including climate change, resource depletion,
the phase-out of nuclear power, the growth of renewable energy and the decentralization of production are having a powerful influence on technological development. Digitalization offers
numerous opportunities in this context.


Through research and development projects in partnership with industry, academic institutions, and public corporations, the ENERGY institute supports and promotes sustainability in our society in terms of energy production and energy management.

Strategic research areas

Electrical and thermal networks

The ENERGY institute is specialized in the design, modelling, simulation and device testing for electrical and thermal networks. Our work addresses the technical challenges involved in the management, optimization and energy integration of individual and coupled networks.

The institute has a particular focus on the following areas:

1. Electrical networks, their systems and components;

2. Thermal networks, their systems and components;

3. Micro-networks and the coupling of electrical and thermal network

Buildings and neighborhoods: energy efficiency and environmental impact

In this area of research, the institute addresses topics such as urban heat islands, life cycle analysis (LCA) in the built environment (circular economy, choice of materials), the building physics and technical installations, the performance gap, and building-user interaction (including post-occupancy evaluation). We also develop decision-making tools, particularly in the area of LCA.

We are especially active in the following areas:

1. Climate change mitigation and adaptation, and the environmental approach to construction;

2. Energy systems: modelling, simulation, optimization, development, integration and monitoring; 

3. Monitoring and optimization of energy efficiency at the building and neighborhood scales.

Core competences

Acting as a link between pure research and its applications, the ENERGY institute is an ideal partner for companies as well as public institutions. Our project partners receive valuable support in their efforts to innovate and create new products and services.

The ENERGY institute develops joint projects with actors from the following economic sectors:

  • Thermal and electrical energy production and distribution
  • Construction
  • Technical equipment and facilities for the energy and construction sectors.

The ENERGY institute also participates in national research networks, in particular through its involvement in Smart Living Lab.


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Jean-Philippe Bacher
Full Professor UAS/Institute Head

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+41 26 429 67 55


Patrick Favre-Perrod
Deputy Director


+41 26 429 65 88


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