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Towards lean and efficient energy systems

Energy production, distribution and supply will undergo profound changes in the 21st century. The gradual depletion of fossil fuels, along with climate change, the phasing out of nuclear power, the growth of renewable energies and the decentralisation of production will play a major role in future technological developments.


The ENERGY institute promotes the development of sustainable forms of energy production and management by establishing research and development partnerships with industry, academic institutions, and public entities.

Core competences

The ENERGY institute is engaged in knowledge and technology transfer in the following sectors:

  • Construction
  • Energy production and distribution
  • Manufacturing (energy consumers)

By building up connections between fundamental research and industry practices, the ENERGY institute provides valuable support to companies and contributes to the creation of new products and services.

As a partner in the Smart Living Lab, the ENERGY institute is actively involved in national research networks, in fundamental as well as applied research.

Research areas

Energy performance of buildings and neighborhoods

Optimized use of technologies; rationalization of energy use at the neighborhood level; and optimization of buildings considered both as energy sources and as energy storage systems.

Power grid technologies and management

Optimized use and rationalization of installed components; tools and know-how to develop new equipment; design and management of the power grids of the future, with a particular focus on transmission and distribution and taking technical and economic aspects into account.

Energy systems and industrial processes

Integration and rationalization, energy efficiency, renewable energy, energy optimization.


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Jean-Philippe Bacher
Responsable d'institut


+41 26 429 67 55


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