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Spritzgiessen von Kunststoff und Keramik (CIM)


Ceramaret SA, Primaform AG

Bruno Bürgisser

Januar 2021 - Februar 2024

Ceramic Injection Molding – The impact of variotherm and conformal cooling technology on part quality and process capability.

Despite the success of Ceramic Injection Moulding (CIM) in multiple end-user sectors, from luxury watches to automotive interiors and industrial engineering, there remains considerable scope for process optimisation to advance part quality, productivity and overall process capability. As part of the ‘CIM++’ research project, Ceramaret, Primaform and the iRAP institute investigated the potential of a variotherm control system for the CIM process and, as the results presented here demonstrate, significant improvements were achieved.

Read the article about the project and its results in the spring 2024 issue of PIM International magazine.