Online event
17:00 – 18:30


  • 17:00 Welcome [Daniel Gachet]
  • 17:05 Dokku : “Own your Paas” [Jacques Supcik]

    In 2021, it is easy to host your web application with a major cloud provider. But sometimes, you don’t really need the high availability and the scalability offered by those major cloud providers, and you prefer to have everything under your control. “Dokku” is an open source software that implements a simple “Platform as a service” (Paas) and allows you to easily deploy and host your applications.

    During this presentation, you will understand the benefits and the limitations of Dokku and during a live demo. We will start from zero, install a virtual machine - hosted in Switzerland - with the help of Terraform and install all required software using cloud-init scripts. Then we will implement and deploy a demo service to this newly created instance.

  • 17:40 Deploying a real service to Dokku and monitoring it with Prometheus/Grafana [Lucy Linder]

    Having your own “Platform as a service” (Paas) is great, but a platform is only as good as the services you deploy on it. Applications today are more and more complex, usually depending on multiple technologies and/or composed of many moving parts (backend/frontend, databases, PubSub, etc.). Moreover, once everything is running, you'll also have to ensure it stays that way.

    During this presentation, you will see how to deploy a real-life application to Dokku. The application will be a REST service written in Kotlin/Spring Boot, and relying on two databases: MySQL and Cassandra. You will also get introduced to Prometheus + Grafana, a common combination of tools to build up a monitoring system (no "plot" twist here, just beautiful plots :) )

  • 18:00 TBD
  • 18:10 Questions and Answers
  • 18:30 End


This event is free. Please register on our meetup page.


EN: The slides will be in English and the talks will be either in English, French or German (according to the speaker's preference).
FR: Les transparents seront en anglais et les présentations pourront être faites en français, en anglais, ou en allemand (selon la préférence de l'orateur).
DE: Die Folien werden auf Englisch sein und die Vorträge können entweder auf Deutsch, Englisch oder Französisch gehalten werden (je nach Vorliebe des Sprechers).

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