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3. Systèmes embarqués et interactifs

François Buntschu

avril 2018 - juin 2019

Armasuisse is investigating the use of advanced mobile tactical networks based on rather complex mobiles nodes.

The nodes have many capabilities: UHF/VHF smart radio, GPS, ad-hoc routing, tactical applications, Unix PC control, etc. The smart radio allows new ideas to improve their performance to be tested. However, testing is time-consuming and innovative concepts should be simulated or emulated first to assess the resulting improvements and possible limitations. The goal of this project is to:

  1. identify the most promising MANET routing protocol(s)
  2. generate in collaboration with armasuisse, a set of innovative ideas to improve the performance based on predicting, when possible, the states of the network of mobile nodes (see Figure 1 for an illustration of predictive lifetime for a sensor network),
  3. assess the performance gain (or loss) in common and extreme scenarios,
  4. compare the most important results with field trial results

promote via scientific and(or) open-source publication, the ideas developed in this project. The field trial will be designed by armasuisse in close cooperation with the project team and conducted by armasuisse.

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