Prof. Roger Marti presented the latest results on the use of flow chemistry at the Flow Chemistry Symposium held last October

This symposium organized by the Swiss Chemical Society, during ILMAC fair in Basel, focused on recent application flow chemistry in academia and industry.

The talk presented the self-regeneration of stereocenters in flow for the synthesis of special alkenyl amino acids by the team of Roger Marti, Lara Amini-Rentsch, Sandrine Aeby, Vincent Pilloud, and Daniel Meyer in the laboratories of the ChemTech Institute. The ChemTech team studied and developed an innovative flow synthesis of the challenging alkylation reaction of oxazolidin-5-one derivatives using the elegant concept of self-regeneration of stereocenters introduced by Professor Seebach. With high control of the stereoselectivity and in yields comparable to the batch synthesis, this new approach allows the preparation of multi-gram quantities of alkenyl amino acids. These are used for the preparation of hydrocarbon-stapled peptides in medicinal chemistry.

This work makes it possible to provide these important building blocks sustainably and on a larger scale for the production of peptide drugs, especially antiviral agents.

20. Dezember 2021